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Teaching Time Savers

Teaching Time Savers was a series of articles in MAA FOCUS designed to share easy-to-implement activities for streamlining the day-to-day tasks of faculty members everywhere. The series was edited by Michael E. Orrison.


December 2009/January 2010: Feedback Codes, By John Tolle

December 2009/January 2010: Activities That Make Every Minute Count, By Matt Elsey, Jeff Meyer, and Vilma Mesa

October/November 2009: Using Checklists in Project Assessment, By George Ashline

April/May 2009: Student-Written Executive Summaries, By Susan Martonosi

February/March 2009: The List of Grievances and Special Requests, By Amy N. Myers

December 2008: Working for a Week, By Bill Fenton

November 2008: The Microphone Is Mightier than the Pen, By Emily Dryden

August 2008: Keeping Homework at Home, By H. Smith Risser

May 2008: The Study Challenge, By Christopher K. Storm

April 2008: Reacting to Analysis, By Sanjeeva Balasuriya

March 2008: Using Preview Problems to Get Ahead of the Syllabus, By Marion Deutsche Cohen

December 2007: The Exam Practically Wrote Itself!, By Michael E. Orrison

November 2007: I Wholeheartedly Recommend Myself, By Anthony Tongen

October 2007: Modular Curriculum Files, By Larry Lesser

August/September 2007: Encouraging Contact Early in the Semester, By Chad Westphal

May 2007: Homework Without Grading, By John Prather

March 2007: Choosing Appropriate Derivative Techniques, By Pam Crawford and
Grading Quickly and Consistently Using Equivalence Classes, By Susan E. Martonosi

January 2007: Is Homework Grading on Your Nerves?, By Lisette de Pillis and Michael E. Orrison

November 2006: Some Advice on Giving Advice, By Michael E. Orrison

October 2006: Reviewing Homework, By Jane Murphy Wilburne

August 2006: Style Points, by Michael E. Orrison

May 2006: A Recommendation for Recommendations, by Michael E. Orrison