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Matrix Transformations: "F"

This application investigates the effect on a 2D transformation of changing each of the entries in its standard matrix. The application shows the image of the letter 'F' under the transformation.

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Phil Ramsden
Tom Polaski
Wolfram Demonstrations Project
Phil Ramsden and Wolfram Research
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Requires downloading the CDF player from Wolfram (


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The user selects the entries in a 2 by 2 matrix, which may be any numbers between -5 and 5. The matrix is taken to be the standard matrix of a linear transformation. The application then shows an image of a capital F in the first quadrant in blue and its image under the tranformation in red. The application is easy to use and allows for quick experimentation with different matrices.
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Simple but effective app that demonstrates the effect of a 2D linear transformation. Integer-valued matrices only are allowed.