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Linear Algebra Toolkit

This Linear Algebra Toolkit is composed of an assortment of modules designed to help students learn and practice a basic linear algebra procedures, such as Gauss-Jordan elimination, calculating the determinant, or checking for linear independence. There are a total of 12 such modules.

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Przemyslaw Bogacki
David Hill
Old Dominion University
Przemyslaw Bogacki
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This web site serves at the homepage for a collection of web-based computational tools to do the following: perform row operations on a matrix, automatically transform a matrix for (reduced) echelon form (which displays the sequence), solving a linear system, computing the inverse of a matrix, calculating determinants, determining if a set of vectors is linearly independent and if it spans a given space, finding bases, finding the kernel and range of a linear transformation. The tools do a nice job of explaining the solution steps in those that are automated. The tools use web forms with CGI/Perl computation in the background, which makes it look a bit old fashioned but it works well with a variety of browsers.

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Demos work well.