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Purchase your own non-orientable surfaces in a variety of glass-blown or hand-woven forms. Website is source material for in-class mathematical comedy.

An elegant planimeter applet. The user can pick from 6 built-in figures to compute the area by tracing around the perimeter.

A informational, non-interactive website on planimeters. Has nice graphical explanation of how linear and polar planimeters work.
A detailed explanation of the workings of the planimeter (a device for measuring area using Green's theorem). Has interactive applet and images.
This is a collection of 18 instructional videos on the role of vector valued functions in multivariable calculus. Each is a solution of a single problem on some topic.
A grapher and collection of applets which display interactive curves and surfaces.

This is a configurable java applet with a simple interface to enter vector fields and display integral curves. The user has a choice of Runge-Kutta or Euler's method.

A brief description of the Navier-Stokes Millenium Problem as a prize problem. Includes a video of a lecture on the problem aimed at a general (non-mathematical) audience.