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A First Course in Linear Algebra

From the Preface:

This text is designed to teach the concepts and techniques of basic linear algebra as a rigorous mathematical subject. Besides computational proficiency, there is an emphasis on understanding definitions and theorems, as well as reading, understanding and creating proofs. A strictly logical organization, complete and exceedingly detailed proofs of every theorem, advice on techniques for reading and writing proofs, and a selection of challenging theoretical exercises will slowly provide the novice with the tools and confidence to be able to study other mathematical topics in a rigorous fashion.

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Robert A. Beezer
Douglas Meade
Robert A. Beezer
Robert A. Beezer


meade's picture

This is one of the best online textbooks I've seen. Well-written, including interactive examples in Sage. Does not do much with geometric concepts, choosing to emphasize algebraic methods. This text was clearly designed from the beginning to available in an electronic form. Includes exercises, with solutions, and conceptual questions (Reading Questions).

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The textbook uses Sage in a built-in form, so that users do not have to load the CAS separately. There are 24 archetypical examples that span the course and provide user review.