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Grant Proposal Writing Guide

Tips for Writing Successful Grant Proposals

The presentation slides for the MAA Grant Writing Workshop are available to view: Grant Proposal Writing Presentation (October 2016).

The MAA supported Grant Writing Workshops at section meetings in 2000 and 2001. The original presentations were prepared by Tina Straley and Bill Haver. Additional materials were prepared by Elizabeth Teles and Lee Zia at NSF Division of Undergraduate Education, and a further revised presentation was written in May 2003 by Dennis Davenport. The final version was compiled by Tina Straley in February 2009.

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NSF is not the only source of funding for projects in the mathematical sciences. Various other federal agencies (e.g. National Security Agency, Department of Education, Department of Defense) provide at least some funds for mathematics and/or mathematical education, as do a large number of private foundations. Private foundations may limit grants to specific geographical regions, and it is important to find a funding program/institute whose goals are compatible with your project. If your institution has a sponsored programs office, take advantage of the expertise and knowledge there to identify appropriate funding sources.