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Dora Cardenas Ahmadi, Kentucky - Meritorious Service Award 2018

Dora Ahmadi has been an active MAA member in the Kentucky Section and at the national level. In the section, she has served as AMC Coordinator, Student Chapters Coordinator, Co-organizer of the KYMAA Section NExT, Chair-Elect, and Section Chair. She has also been involved in the organizing of several section meetings. At the national level, she served on the Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics (CUPM) and the Editorial Board of the 2004 CUPM Online Guide and Illustrative Resources. Dora Ahmadi recently completed six years of service as Chair of the Committee on Undergraduate Student Activities and Chapters.

In Kentucky, Dr. Ahmadi has conducted teacher workshops integrating science and mathematics. She initiated Mathematics Awareness Week celebrations at Morehead State University; she involved teachers, students, businesses, and government officials in the celebrations. Dr. Ahmadi greatly enjoys promoting mathematics at all levels. She initiated and conducted mathematics enrichment sessions for fourth and fifth graders at Rodburn Elementary, she initiated Rowan County MathCounts at Rowan County Middle School, promoted AMC competition at regional high schools, and initiated the Kentucky Team representation at the American Regional Mathematics League. In her department at Morehead State University, she served as Department Chair for ten years. In acknowledgement for her contributions, Dr. Ahmadi is recognized with the 2018 Meritorious Award.


I am really surprised, greatly honored, and humbled to have been selected by my colleagues in the Kentucky Section for this award. Since I graduated from the University of Oklahoma and I arrived in Kentucky to begin my professional journey, I made the MAA my academic home. Through my involvement in the section, I have worked with wonderful and dedicated colleagues who served as role models. I am deeply thankful to my section for the opportunities to serve and to my colleagues in Kentucky for nominating me for this award.


Dora Cardenas Ahmadi spent her undergraduate years at Mercy College of the University of New York where she earned BS degree in mathematics, and at the University of Houston where she completed a BS degree in chemical engineering. She received her MA and PhD in mathematics from the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Ahmadi taught middle school and high school students before advancing to the college level. She then became a member of the faculty at Morehead State University. During her tenure there, she attained the rank of Associate Professor of Mathematics, and she served as the Chair of the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics for 10 years. She retired in July 2017 after twenty-two years of service to Morehead State University.

Dr. Ahmadi has been active in several professional organizations. Her membership in Project NExT sparked interest in new ways of teaching. She has given numerous talks on the use of technology, reading, writing, oral communication, and group work to promote active learning. She was the 2005 Kentucky Section of the MAA Distinguished Teaching Award winner.