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MAA FOCUS Highlights and Supplements

December 2022/January 2023
Celebration of Math

October/November 2022
If You Don’t Improve Faculty Hiring Now, You’ll Kick Yourself Later

February/March 2022
What’s the Mathematical Buzz?

August/September 2021
Mathematical Affirmations

October/November 2020
Puzzle page

August/September 2019
Puzzle page

April/May 2019
Puzzle page

August/September 2017
Hexagonal Good Fences

April/May 2017
Puzzle Page: Meandoku

December 2016/January 2017
Submitting to In Memoriam
Pluto and the Putnam Exam

August/September 2016
Tool Kit: Name That Tune
Puzzle Page

June/July 2016
Puzzle Page

February/March 2016
2016 JMM Photos

October/November 2015
Let's Bring Back That Gee-om-met-tree!
Red'15 Project NExT
​JMM 2016
IMO 2015 Problems and Solutions
-The Art of Problem Solving wiki contains links to the problems used in the International Mathematical Olympiad since 1959. Here is the direct link to 2015's problem 4.

August/September 2015
Interviewing Students as a Way of Recruiting Mathematics Majors

June/July 2015 
Solutions for KenKen Variations

April/May 2015 
FOCUS on MAA: A Commemorative Centennial Supplement

February/March 2014 
Bibliography for "Accommodating Blind Students Taking Mathematics"

February/March 2013 (full issue)
A Logic Major Hits Reality at MIT: Review of Truth Values
Photos of Trieste, Italy

December 2012/January 2013 (full issue)
Should Algebra Be Required?
Athens to Istanbul: A Tour of Infinity

October/November 2012 (full issue)
The AWARDS Project: Promoting Good Practices in Award Selection
Reflections on Mathematics and Democracy
NSF Research Fellowship Encourages Applications for Mathematics Research

August/September 2012 (full issue)
Teaching with Tech | Bringing Color to the Classroom
Earning Badges for Learning Calculus
Carving Out Time for Research

June/July 2012 (full issue)
Meet the Editor at MAA MathFest
Capital Math: A Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival Comes to D.C.
Undergraduate Operations Research Competition
Puzzle Page | Tri-Futoshiki
MAA-Sponsored Team Wins Medals in Romania
MAA/NCTM Joint Position on Teaching Calculus
De Veaux Demystifies Data Mining in an MAA Distinguished Lecture
Tilings, Ordered Partitions, and Weird Languages
Teaching with Tech | Phone Cameras Handle Information in a Snap

April/May 2012 (full issue)
Archives Spotlight | Introducing the Marion Walter Collection
Reviewing for Mathematical Reviews
New MAA Director of Meetings and Facilities
Xia Represents MAA at White House Science Fair
Harvard Wins 72nd Putnam Competition
Puzzle Page | How Few Sudoku Clues Are Enough?

February/March 2012 (full issue)
Introducing Michael Pearson, New MAA Executive Director
Michael Pearson's Vision Statement
Cover: “Pleated Multi-sliced Cone” (Crease Pattern)
Geodesics on the Blogosphere
MAA MathFest 2012 Poster
Electronic Elections Slated for Section Governors
Personalized Additions to MAA's River of Bricks
The 7th Annual Pacific Coast Undergraduate Mathematics Conference (pdf)