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General Central Limit Theorem Applet and Activity

Ivo Dinov

Ivo Dinov
UCLA School of Medicine

This applet and corresponding activity represent a general demonstration of the effects of the Central Limit Theorem (CLT), one of the most important results in probability and statistics. The aims of the activity are to provide intuitive notion of sampling, empirically validate the claim of the CLT and empirically demonstrate that the sample-average is special and other sample statistics (e.g., median, variance, range, etc.) generally do not have distributions that are Normal. There are a number of CLT applications that are discussed in the supplement to that activity.

To start the this Experiment, go to and select the SOCR Sampling Distribution CLT Experiment from the drop-down list of experiments in the left panel. The activity is here:


Should work with a generic Java-enabled browser

Ivo Dinov, "General Central Limit Theorem Applet and Activity," Convergence (April 2007)