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A Smart Polynomial Graphing Applet

Keith Brandt, Kevin Burger

Keith Brandt, Rockhurst University
Kevin Burger, Arizona State University

There are many other polynomial graphing applets available, but this applet is unusual in that it automatically chooses the viewing window. Also the user can zoom by mouse-dragging a desired viewing window for the graph. The site provides several exercises that allow students to use the applet to study some fundamental concepts from algebra and calculus as well as some more advanced exercises that give the student a feel for how the applet chooses the viewing window. The source code is also available on the site for use by other developers.

Intended Audience

This material is appropriate for undergraduate students in a precalculus or calculus course. The more advanced exercises are appropriate for students in Calculus II or higher.

System Requirements

The applet was compiled using Sun Microsystems Java 2 SDK Version 1.4.1_02TM and requires that your browser be capable of running Java 2 applets. If your browser does not support Java 2 Version 1.4 applets, then you must download and install the latest release of the Sun Java Plug-In from Sun's web site.

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Keith Brandt, Kevin Burger, "A Smart Polynomial Graphing Applet," Convergence (August 2010)