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Write Your Own Excel Mathlets

Christoph Maier

Author Information

Christoph Maier is an Assistant Professor in the Mathematics department at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. His email is


Students at every level benefit from seeing mathematical concepts illustrated with mathlets. I present a five-step procedure to help you construct your own mathlets in Excel. I demonstrate the use of the procedure with one application: properties of the tangent line to the curve of a continuous function.

Technologies Used in This Article

This article explores mathlets written in Microsoft Excel. You will need Excel to run or modify the mathlet. Otherwise, the exposition in the article uses standard HTML and images in PNG and GIF format, and should be accessible with any modern browser.

Publication Data

Published January, 2007. Article ID: 1364
Copyright © 2007 by Christoph Maier

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Christoph Maier, "Write Your Own Excel Mathlets," Convergence (February 2007)