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Math & Architecture

Melissa Shearer and Hayley Rintel

Editor's note: This "article" is in reality an entire Web site created by two students at Franklin & Marshall College as a project in Mathematics and Art.  Because of the internal complexity of the site -- including complete navigation tools -- we will not use our "standard" pages.  Rather, you can open the site in a new window via the link below, and this window will remain open for discussion of the site and for easy return to the rest of JOMA.  For information about the authors as students, use the Meet Us link in the site. For current contact information, see the home page when you enter the site. DAS, 11/04

Melissa Shearer and Hayley Rintel in Barcelona, Spain

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Published July, 2001
© 2001 by Melissa Shearer and Hayley Rintel

Melissa Shearer and Hayley Rintel, "Math & Architecture," Convergence (November 2004)