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A Tool for Content MathML Authoring: Content Pseudo-TeX Translator Applet

Thomas E. Leathrum


This article introduces the Content Pseudo-TeX translator applet. The applet was designed as a tool to simplify writing Content MathML for web pages. The applet takes input in a "TeX-like" syntax and translates it into strict Content MathML which can be cut and pasted directly into pages. This article begins by describing the motivation for designing the applet, then gives the basic elements of the input syntax, with examples, limitations, and recommendations for further work.


Tom Leathrum is a JOMA Associate Editor for the Developers' Area section. He is an associate professor in the Department of Mathematical, Computing, and Informational Sciences at Jacksonville State University.


This article uses MathML, so it requires a MathML-enabled browser, such as Firefox 1.5 or later, with the MathML fonts installed, or Internet Explorer with the MathPlayer plug-in from Design Science. The translator applet requires a browser with a Java 5 runtime environment.

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Published June 2007; article ID 1551. Copyright © 2007 by Thomas E. Leathrum.

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Thomas E. Leathrum, "A Tool for Content MathML Authoring: Content Pseudo-TeX Translator Applet," Convergence (June 2007)