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Searching for Articles in Convergence

MAA's website offers a search box at the top right corner of every page. Enter keywords for the sort of article desired and click on the magnifying glass. After results appear, click on “Advanced search”, which will be located below a new keyword search box and above the initial search Results. Check the box for “Loci Article” on the right of the screen. This selection nearly limits a search to Convergence; it also pulls in the defunct journals JOMA and Digital Classroom Resources, since all three journals were combined under the Loci heading from 2008 to 2013.

Sample Advanced search screen, with Loci Article checked to limit a search to (mostly) Convergence articles.

Alternatively, try simply typing a search term or phrase and “Convergence” in the basic search box. Or, use “Mathematical Treasure” when looking specifically for images. For instance:

  • Euclid elements Convergence
  • Euclid elements Mathematical Treasure

Please remember also that Convergence offers several indexes for subsets of Mathematical Treasures on the Index to Mathematical Treasures page,, and other lists (mainly of categories of articles) are gradually being added to the home page, The editors are always open to suggestions about what readers want to find and how to make the site easier to navigate.

"Searching for Articles in [i]Convergence[/i]," Convergence (February 2021)