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Index of Mathematical Objects

Although students might initially assume that mathematics is only written in texts, the discipline's history and practice includes a rich material culture. Convergence's library of Mathematical Treasures thus encompasses not only books and documents, but also instruments for calculating, observing, and measuring as well as other tangible artifacts. These objects have been gathered into a separate list to help instructors identify physical "things" they may wish to discuss and illustrate in their classrooms. One tool for teaching students how to analyze historical objects is this worksheet based upon Frederick D. Drake and Sarah Drake Brown, "A Systematic Approach to Improve Students' Historical Thinking," The History Teacher 36, no. 4 (2003): 465–489. For suggestions on teaching mathematics with objects and images of objects, see "Online Museum Collections in the Mathematics Classroom," by Amy Ackerberg-Hastings and Amy Shell-Gellasch.

Devices for Teaching and Representing Mathematics

Devices for Counting, Calculating, and Computing

Devices for Measuring, Drawing, and Observing

Miscellaneous Objects

"Index of Mathematical Objects," Convergence (June 2019)