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Thirty Essays on Geometric Graph Theory

János Pach, editor
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We do not plan to review this book.


1) B. Ábrego, S. Fernández-Merchant, G. Salazar: The rectilinear crossing number of K_n: closing in (or are we?)

2) E. Ackerman: The maximum number of tangencies among convex regions with a triangle-free intersection graph

3) G. Aloupis, B. Ballinger, S. Collette, S. Langerman, A. Pór, D.R.Wood: Blocking coloured point sets

4) M. Al-Jubeh, G. Barequet, M. Ishaque, D. Souvaine, Cs. D. Tóth, A. Winslow: Constrained tri-connected planar straight line graphs

5) S. Buzaglo, R. Pinchasi, G. Rote: Topological hypergraphs

6) J. Cano Vila, L. F. Barba, J. Urrutia, T. Sakai:  On edge-disjoint empty triangles of point sets

7) J. Cibulka, J. Kynčl, V. Mészáros, R. Stolař, P. Valtr: Universal sets for straight-line embeddings of bicolored graphs

8) G. Di Battista, F. Frati: Drawing trees, outerplanar graphs, series-parallel graphs, and planar graphs in small area

9) W. Didimo, G. Liotta: The crossing angle resolution in graph drawing

10) A. Dumitrescu: Mover problems

11) S. Felsner: Rectangle and square representations of planar graphs

12) R. Fulek, N. Saeedi, D. Sariöz: Convex obstacle numbers of outerplanar graphs and bipartite permutation graphs

13) R. Fulek, M. Pelsmajer, M. Schaefer, D. Štefankovič: Hanani-Tutte, monotone drawings, and level-planarity

14) R. Fulek, A. Suk: On disjoint crossing families in geometric graphs

15) M. Hoffmann, A. Schulz, M. Sharir, A. Sheffer, Cs. D. Tóth, E. Welzl: Counting plane graphs: flippability and its applications

16) F. Hurtado, Cs. D. Tóth: Geometric graph augmentation: a generic perspective

17) M. Kano, K. Suzuki: Discrete geometry on red and blue points in the plane lattice

18) Gy. Károlyi: Ramsey-type problems for geometric graphs

19) Ch. Keller, M. Perles, E. Rivera-Campo, V. Urrutia-Galicia: Blockers for non-crossing spanning trees in complete geometric graphs

20) A. V. Kostochka, K. G. Milans: Coloring clean and K_4-free circle graphs

21) F. Morić, D. Pritchard: Counting large distances in convex polygons: a computational approach

22) A. Raigorodskii: Coloring distance graphs and graphs of diameters

23) M. Schaefer: Realizability of graphs and linkages

24) C. Smyth: Equilateral sets in l_dp

25) A. Suk: A note on geometric 3-hypergraphs

26) K. Swanepoel: Favourite distances in high dimensions

27) M. Tancer: Intersection patterns of convex sets via simplicial complexes, a survey

28) G. Tardos: Construction of locally plane graphs with many edges

29) G. Tóth: A better bound for the pair-crossing number

30) U. Wagner: Minors, embeddability, and extremal problems for hypergraphs.