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Stochastic Processes in Genetics and Evolution: Computer Experiments in the Quantification of Mutation and Selection

Charles J. Mode and Candace K. Sleeman
World Scientific
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  • An Introduction to Mathematical Probability with Applications in Mendelian Genetics
  • Linkage and Recombination at Multiple Loci
  • Linkage and Recombination in Large Random Mating Diploid Populations Random Mating Diploid Populations
  • Two Allele Wright-Fisher Process with Mutation and Selection
  • Multitype Gamete Sampling Processes, Generation of Random Numbers and Monte Carlo Simulation Methods
  • Nucleotide Substitution Models Formulated as Markov Processes in Continuous Time
  • Mixtures of Markov Processes as Models of Nucleotide Substitutions at Many Sites
  • Computer Implementations and Applications of Nucleotide Substitution Models at Many Sites — Other Non-SNP Types of Mutation
  • Genealogies, Coalescence and Self-Regulating Branching Processes
  • Emergence, Survival and Extinction of Mutant Types in Populations of Self Replicating Individuals Evolving From Small Founder Populations
  • Two Sex Multitype Self Regulating Branching Processes in Evolutionary Genetics
  • Multitype Self-Regulatory Branching Process and the Evolutionary Genetics of Age Structured Two Sex Populations
  • An Overview of the History of the Concept of a Gene and Selected Topics in Molecular Genetics
  • Detecting Genomic Signals of Selection and the Development of Models for Simulating the Evolution of Genomes
  • Suggestions for Further Research, Reading and Viewing