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Michael Atiyah Collected Works, Volume 7: 2002-2013

Michael Atiyah
Oxford University Press
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[Reviewed by
Fernando Q. Gouvêa
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When volumes of collected papers are published while their author is still alive, it is not surprising when supplementary volumes eventually need to be published. I suspect, however, that it is quite uncommon that two supplementary volumes are needed. That is what we have here: Atiyah’s collected papers were originally published in five volumes in 1988, when Sir Michael was about 60 years old. The sixth volume appeared in 2004. And here is the seventh, published as Sir Michael reaches his 85th year. It starts with paper number 174 and ends with 206. Not bad at all!

The material included here is quite varied. Most of the more technical papers are “on the frontier between mathematics and physics,” where Atiyah’s work has made a significant mark. There are also several survey papers, ranging from an autobiographical essay written for the first Abel Prize volume to accounts of mathematics as “art and science.” Atiyah has had a significant institutional role and that is reflected here as well, for example with a piece written for the opening of the Andrew Wiles Building at the Oxford Mathematical Institute. There are also, inevitably, a couple of essays in memory of other mathematicians.

Many of the papers are reproduced photographically, with the usual results: readability depends directly on the match or mismatch between the format of the original and of this book. Articles published in larger-format journals, such as PLOS One or the Notices of the American Mathematical Society, come out very hard to read, especially when the original font was a light sans-serif.

Those whose research is in the kind of mathematical physics Atiyah has worked on don’t need to be told that this volume is important for them, but I would argue that it will also be of great interest to historians. Atiyah is one of the most significant figures in the mathematics of the late twentieth century, as witnessed by his Abel Prize in 2004. Anyone interested in the period will find valuable source material in the survey essays in this volume.

Fernando Q. Gouvêa is Carter Professor of Mathematics at Colby College in Waterville, ME. 

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