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Making School Maths Engaging: The Maths Inside Project

Anne Prescott, Mary Coupland, Marco Angelini, and Sandra Schuck
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Springer Briefs in Education
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Ann Wheeler
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This book details the rationale, development, implementation, and results of the Maths Inside Project. The authors provide a straightforward way to understand all aspects of the Australian-based STEM project, even for those without any background knowledge of this research endeavor. 
Of particular interest to mathematics educators who might want to learn about three engaging, authentic STEM-based lessons could be Chapter 6. In that chapter, the researchers detail Maths in 3D, Stargazing with the Square Kilometre Array, and Bees with Backpacks, the materials utilized in the researchers’ three case studies. Besides in-depth descriptions of each task, the authors include a rich discussion of teacher feedback about the activities from classroom use, as well as modifications the teachers made to the materials.
For the mathematics education researcher, chapters 7 and 8 detail the results of the Maths Inside Project from the students’ and teachers’ viewpoints, respectively. The authors describe the questions asked to the participants, as well as survey results which would be encouraging to any future teacher of the material.
This book provides a great resource for the mathematics researcher and/or teacher who wants to learn more about an exciting STEM-based project conducted in Australia to make mathematics more engaging and authentic to their secondary students.


Ann Wheeler is an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas. Her research interests include the use of technology and children’s literature in the mathematics classroom.