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Johan van Benthem on Logic and Information Dynamics

Alexandru Baltag and Sonja Smets, editors
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Outstanding Contributions to Logic 5
We do not plan to review this book.

Preface; Johan van Benthem.- Introduction; Alexandru Baltag and Sonja Smets.- Part I. Mathematical and Computational Perspectives.- The Freedoms of (Guarded) Bisimulation; Erich Grädel and Martin Otto.- Expressiveness Modulo Bisimilarity: A Coalgebraic Perspective; Yde Venema.- Schema Mappings: A Case of Logical Dynamics in Database Theory; Balder ten Cate and Phokion G. Kolaitis.- On Dependence Logic; Pietro Galliani, Jouko Väänänen.- Intensionality, Definability and Computation; Samson Abramsky.- Comparing Theories: The Dynamics of Changing Vocabulary; Hajnal Andréka and István Németi.- Part II. Dynamics of Knowledge and Belief Over Time.- Dynamic Epistemic Logics; Jan van Eijck.- Belief Revision and Dynamic Logic; Patrick Girard and Hans Rott.- Temporal Aspects of the Dynamics of Knowledge; Valentin Goranko and Eric Pacuit.- Logic and Learning; Nina Gierasimczuk, Vincent F. Hendricks, and Dick de Jongh.- A Computational Learning Semantics for Inductive Empirical Knowledge; Kevin T. Kelly.- Structures for Epistemic Logic; Nick Bezhanishvili and Wiebe van der Hoek.- Logic and Probabilistic Update; Lorenz Demey and Barteld Kooi.- Belief as a Simplification of Probability, and What This Entails; Hannes Leitgeb.- Part III. Games.- Logic and Game Theory; Giacomo Bonanno and Cédric Dégremont.- Knowledge Games and Coalitional Abilities; Thomas ågotnes and Hans van Ditmarsch.- On Definitive Solutions of Strategic Games; Sergei Artemov.-Logical Player Types for a Theory of Play; Ram Ramanujam.- An Alternative Analysis of Signaling Games; Gabriel Sandu.- Part IV. Agency.- Them and Us: Autonomous Agents in Vivo and in Silico; Peter Millican and Michael Wooldridge.- Incorporating Action Models into the Situation Calculus; Yongmei Liu and Hector J. Levesque.- Roles, Rigidity, and Quantification in Epistemic Logic; Wesley H. Holliday and John Perry.- Stit Logics, Games, Knowledge, and Freedom; Roberto Ciuni and John Horty.- The Logic of Best Actions from a Deontic Perspective; Olivier Roy, Albert J.J. Anglberger and Norbert Gratzl.- When Are Two Arguments the Same? Equivalence in Abstract Argumentation; Dov Gabbay and Davide Grossi.- Part V. Language and Cognition.- Three Etudes on Logical Dynamics and the Program of Natural Logic; Lawrence S. Moss.- From Good to Better: Using Contextual Shifts to Define Preference in Terms of Monadic Value; Sven Ove Hansson and Fenrong Liu.- Arguing about Dynamic Meaning; Martin Stokhof.- Logic of and for Language, and Logic of and for Mind; Hans Kamp.- Logic and Complexity in Cognitive Science; Alistair M.C. Isaac and Jakub Szymanik and Rineke Verbrugge.- Computational Complexity and Cognitive Science: How the Body and the World Help the Mind be Efficient; Peter Gärdenfors.- Part VI. Styles of Reasoning.- Dynamic vs. Classical consequence; Denis Bonnay and Dag Westerståhl.- Dynamic Epistemic Logic as a Substructural Logic; Guillaume Aucher.-Arrows Pointing at Arrows: Arrow Logic, Relevance Logic, and Relation Algebras; J. Michael Dunn.- Situation Theory Reconsidered; Jeremy Seligman.- Unified Correspondence; Willem Conradie, Silvio Ghilardi, Alessandra Palmigiano.- Conclusions.- Reflections; Johan van Benthem.- Scientific Autobiography; Johan van Benthem.- Bibliography.- Publications.