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Infinity: New Research Frontiers

Michael Heller and W. Hugh Woodin, editors
Cambridge University Press
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Introduction Rudy Rucker
Part I. Perspectives on Infinity from History: 1. Infinity as a transformative concept in science and theology Wolfgang Achtner
Part II. Perspectives on Infinity from Mathematics: 2. The mathematical infinity Enrico Bombieri
3. Warning signs of a possible collapse of contemporary mathematics Edward Nelson
Part III. Technical Perspectives on Infinity from Advanced Mathematics: 4. The realm of the infinite W. Hugh Woodin
5. A potential subtlety concerning the distinction between determinism and nondeterminism W. Hugh Woodin
6. Concept calculus: much better than Harvey M. Friedman
Part IV. Perspectives on Infinity from Physics and Cosmology: 7. Some considerations on infinity in physics Carlo Rovelli
8. Cosmological intimations of infinity Anthony Aguirre
9. Infinity and the nostalgia of the stars Marco Bersanelli
10. Infinities in cosmology Michael Heller
Part V. Perspectives on Infinity from Philosophy and Theology: 11. God and infinity: directions for future research Graham Oppy
12. Notes on the concept of the infinite in the history of Western metaphysics David Bentley Hart
13. God and infinity: theological insights from Cantor's mathematics Robert J. Russell
14. A partially skeptical response to Hart and Russell Denys A. Turner.