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Index to Mathematical Problems 1975-1979, Volume 2

Stanley Rabinowitz and Mark Bowron, editors
MathPro Press
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Problem Book
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Tom Schulte
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Drawing on journals and competitions, this compendium indexes and gives source and submitter information on approximately 5,000 problems. Access to the original source would be required to find or verify the published solution for any of the problems.

This text is targeted for problemists, librarians, and other researchers trying to find specific problems or specific types of problems in the literature. To make this an excellent tool for this sort of research, the problems are indexed and categorized in a multitude of ways, including a chronology of problems and a special category for problems unsolved as of 1991. Of course the unsolved problems suggest something of broader interest than the book’s intended audience.

A section of perhaps wider interest is the eleven-page subject classification scheme. This is a complete framework from analysis to recreational mathematics with which to organize any multi-topic mathematical treatment. Accessible by indexes on keyword, topic, author, and more, this index is also supported by a notation explanation and a short glossary.

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