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Groups of Diffeomorphisms

R. Penner, D. Kotschick, T. Tsuboi, N. Kawazumi, T. Kitano, and Y. Mitsumatsu, editors
Mathematical Society of Japan
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Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics 52
We do not plan to review this book.


  • S. R. Fenley -- Asymptotic geometry of foliations and pseudo-Anosov flows--a survey
  • K. Igusa -- Pontrjagin classes and higher torsion of sphere bundles
  • T. Kitano and T. Morifuji -- $L^2$-torsion invariants and the Magnus representation of the mapping class group
  • H.-V. Lê and K. Ono -- Parameterized Gromov-Witten invariants and topology of symplectomorphism groups
  • R. C. Penner -- Mapping class actions on surface group completions
  • T. Sakasai -- Johnson's homomorphisms and the rational cohomology of subgroups of the mapping class group
  • T. Akita -- On mod $p$ Riemann-Roch formulae for mapping class groups
  • J. S. Birman, T. E. Brendle, and N. Broaddus -- Calculating the image of the second Johnson-Morita representation
  • J. S. Birman, D. Johnson, and A. Putman -- Symplectic Heegaard splittings and linked abelian groups
  • D. Burago, S. Ivanov, and L. Polterovich -- Conjugation-invariant norms on groups of geometric origin
  • H. Endo -- A generalization of Chakiris' fibrations
  • K. Fujiwara -- Subgroups generated by two pseudo-Anosov elements in a mapping class group. I. Uniform exponential growth
  • K. Gomi -- Differential characters and the Steenrod squares
  • R. Hain -- Relative weight filtrations on completions of mapping class groups
  • Y. Kasahara -- Remarks on the faithfulness of the Jones representations
  • N. Kawazumi -- On the stable cohomology algebra of extended mapping class groups for surfaces
  • D. Kotschick -- Stable length in stable groups
  • Y. Mitsumatsu and E. Vogt -- Foliations and compact leaves on 4-manifolds I. Realization and self-intersection of compact leaves
  • S. Morita -- Symplectic automorphism groups of nilpotent quotients of fundamental groups of surfaces
  • G. Segal and U. Tillmann -- Mapping configuration spaces to moduli spaces
  • M. Suzuki -- New examples of elements in the kernel of the Magnus representation of the Torelli group
  • T. Tsuboi -- On the simplicity of the group of contactomorphisms
  • T. Tsuboi -- On the uniform perfectness of diffeomorphism groups