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From Sets and Types to Topology and Analysis: Towards Practicable Foundations for Constructive Mathematics

Laura Crosilla and Peter Schuster, editors
Oxford University Press
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Oxford Logic Guides 48
We do not plan to review this book.

Errett Bishop , Douglas Bridges
1. Generalized Inductive Definitions in Constructive Set Theory , Michael Rathjen
2. Constructive Set Theories and their Category-theoretic Models , Alex Simpson
3. Presheaf models for Constructive Set Theories , Nicola Gambino
4. Universes in Toposes , Thomas Streicher
5. Toward a minimalistic foundation for constructive mathematics , Maria Emilia Maietti & Giovanni Sambin
6. Interactive Programs and Weakly Final Coalgebras in Dependent Type Theory , Peter Hancock & Anton Setzer
7. Applications of inductive definitions and choice principles to program synthesis , Ulrich Berger and Monika Seisenberger
8. The duality of lcassical and constructive notions and proofs , Sara Negri and Jan von Plato
9. Continuity on the real line and in formal spaces , Erik Palmgren
10. Separation Properties in Constructive Topology , Peter Aczel & Christopher Fox
11. Spaces as comonoids , A. Bucalo & G. Rosolini
12. Predicative exponentiation of locally compact formal topologies over inductively generated ones , Maria Emilia Maietti
13. Some constructive roads to Tychonoff , Stephen Vickers
14. An elementary characterisation of Krull dimension , Thierry Coquand, Henri Lombardi & Marie-Francoise Roy
15. Constructive reverse mathematics: compactness properties , Hajime Ishihara
16. Approximating integrable sets by compacts constructively , Bas Spitters
17. An introduction to the theory of c*-algegras in constructive mathematics , Hiroki Takamura
18. Approximations to the numerical range of an element of a Banach algebra , Douglas Bridges & Robin Havea
19. The constructive uniqueness of the locally convex topology on rn , Douglas Bridges & Luminita Vita
20. Computability on Non-Separable Banach Spaces and Landau's Theorem , Vasco Brattka