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Dynamical Systems

Albert Fathi and J.-C. Yoccoz, editors
Cambridge University Press
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We do not plan to review this book.

1. Michael Robert Herman, 1942–2000 A. Fathi and J. C. Yoccoz

2. L2 regularity of measurable solutions of a finite-difference equation of the circle Michael Robert Herman

3. On Herman's theorem for ergodic, amenable group extensions of endomorphisms Jon Aaronson and Benjamin Weiss

4. Lyapunov exponents with multiplicity 1 for deterministic products of matrices C. Bonnati and M. Viana

5. Remarks on stability and diffusion in high-dimensional Hamiltonian systems and partial differential equations Jean Bourgain

6. Stable manifolds and the Perron Irwin method Marc Chaperon

7. C2 densely the 2-sphere has an elliptic closed geodesic Gonzalo Contreras and Fernando Oliveira

8. Further rigidity properties of conformal Anosov systems R. De La Lave

9. On some approximation of the 3D Euler system E. I. Dinaburg and Ya G. Sinai

10. Lyapunov 1-forms for flows M. Farber, T. Kappeler, J. Latschev and E. Zehnder

11. Constructions in elliptic dynamics Bassam Fayad and Anatole Katok

12. Démonstration du “théorème d'Arnold” sur la stabilité du système planétaire (d'après Herman) Jacques Féjoz

13. Sur le théorème de Bertrand (d'après Michael Herman) Jacques Féjoz and Laurent Kaczmarek

14. Commutators and diffeomorphisms of surfaces Jean-Marc Gambaudo and Étienne Ghys

15. Wandering domains and random walks in Gevrey near-integrable systems Jean-Pierre Marco and David Sauzin

16. Examples of Aubry sets John N. Mather

17. New phenomena associated with homoclinic tangencies Sheldon E. Newhouse

18. On holomorphic critical quasi-circle maps Carsten Lunde Petersen

19. KAM theorem for Gevrey Hamiltonians G. Popov

20. Convergent transformations into a normal form in analytic Hamiltonian systems with two degrees of freedom on the zero energy surface near degenerate elliptic singularities Helmut Rüssmann

21. Sur les structures de Poisson singulières Laurent Stolovitch.