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Differential Equations and Applications 4

Yeol Je Cho, Jong Kyu Kim, and Sever S. Dragomir, editors
Nova Science
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Chapter 1. On the Oscillation of Certain Second Order Differential Equations; pp. 1-8
(Ravi P. Agarwal and Said R. Grace)

Chapter 2. A Method for Determining the Production Function;
pp. 9-14
(Corneliu Anghel and Marius Boldea)

Chapter 3. Existence Results for a Class of Difference Inclusions; pp. 15-28
(N.C. Apreutessi)

Chapter 4. Existence of Solutions of Perturbed Fuzzy Integrodifferential Equations; pp. 29-40
(K. Balachandran and K. Kanagarajan)

Chapter 5. Anti-Periodic Solutions for First Order Equations in Rn; pp. 41-45
(Y.Q. Chen, Y.J. Cho and L. Yang)

Chapter 6. Positive Solutions for Second-Order Three-Point Boundary Value Problems; pp. 47-53
(Shijie Dong and Haiyun Zhou)

Chapter 7. Existence and Uniqueness of Solution of Initial Value Problems for Nonlinear First Order Impulsive Integro-Differential Equations of Mixed Type in Banach Spaces; pp. 55-66
(Lishan Liu and Fei Guo)

Chapter 8. Interval Oscillation Criteria for Second Order Neutral Delay Differential Equations; pp. 67-77
(Fanwei Meng and Jizhong Wang)

Chapter 9. Spectral Properties of Discrete Schrodinger Operator with Quasi-Periodically Recurrent Potential; pp. 79-92
(Koichiro Naito)

Chapter 10. On Higher Order Differential Equation with Retarded Argument; pp. 93-103
(B.G. Pachpatte)

Chapter 11. Controllability and H Control for Linear Continuous Time-Varying Uncertain Systems; pp. 105-111
(Vu N. Phat and Do Q. Vinh)

Chapter 12. Exponential Attractor for an Adsorbate-Induced Phase Transition Model with Periodic Boundary Conditions; pp. 113-132 (Yasuhiro Takei, Koichi Osaki, Tohru Tsujikawa and Atsushi Yagi)

Chapter 13. Some Stability Results for the Solutions of Certain Fourth Order Delay Differential Equations; pp. 133-140
(Cemil Tunc)

Chapter 14. Periodic Solutions of a Delayed Lotka-Volterra Type Model with One Prey and two Predators; pp. 141-154
(Rui Xu, Hanying Feng and Qiming Liu)

Chapter 15. Finite Difference Solutions of Landau-Lifshitz Equation with Discontinuous External Field; pp. 155-164
(Ganshan Yang and Qianshun Chang)