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Contributions to Algebraic Geometry: Impanga Lecture Notes

Piotr Pragacz, editor
European Mathematical Society
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EMS Series of Congress Reports
We do not plan to review this book.
  • P. Blass -- The influence of Oscar Zariski on algebraic geometry
  • K. Altmann, N. O. Ilten, L. Petersen, H. Süß, and R. Vollmert -- The geometry of T-varieties
  • D. Anderson -- Introduction to equivariant cohomology in algebraic geometry
  • T. Bauer, C. Bocci, S. Cooper, S. Di Rocco, M. Dumnicki, B. Harbourne, K. Jabbusch, A. L. Knutsen, A. Küronya, R. Miranda, J. Roé, H. Schenck, T. Szemberg, and Z. Teitler -- Recent developments and open problems in linear series
  • G. Bérczi -- Moduli of map germs, Thom polynomials and the Green-Griffiths conjecture
  • P. Cascini and V. Lazić -- The Minimal Model Program revisited
  • S. Cynk and S. Rams -- Invariants of hypersurfaces and logarithmic differential forms
  • G. Farkas -- Prym varieties and their moduli
  • L. Gatto and I. Scherbak -- On generalized Wrońskians
  • K. Hutchinson and M. Vlasenko -- Lines crossing a tetrahedron and the Bloch group
  • A. Hochenegger and F. Witt -- On complex and symplectic toric stacks
  • C. Jörder and S. Kebekus -- Deformation along subsheaves, II
  • M. Kapustka -- Some degenerations of G2 and Calabi-Yau varieties
  • M. Michałek -- Notes on Kebekus' lectures on differential forms on singular spaces
  • S. Mukai -- Lecture notes on K3 and Enriques surfaces
  • M. Mustaţă -- IMPANGA lecture notes on log canonical thresholds
  • O. Öztürk and P. Pragacz -- On Schur function expansions of Thom polynomials
  • M. Szyjewski -- A note on the kernel of the norm map
  • H. Tutaj-Gasińska -- Seshadri and packing constants
  • List of contributors