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Complex Analysis and Dynamical Systems IV: Part 2. General Relativity, Geometry, and PDE

Mark Agranovsky, et al.
American Mathematical Society/Bar-IIan University
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Contemporary Mathematics 554
We do not plan to review this book.
  • D. Akhiezer -- Stein manifolds and multiplicity-free representations of compact Lie groups
  • L. Andersson, M. Eichmair, and J. Metzger -- Jang's equation and its applications to marginally trapped surfaces
  • R. Beig -- The stationary $n$-body problem in general relativity
  • G.-Q. G. Chen and M. Feldman -- Shock reflection-diffraction and nonlinear partial differential equations of mixed type
  • Y. Choquet-Bruhat, P. T. Chruściel, and J. M. Martín-García -- An existence theorem for the Cauchy problem on a characteristic cone for the Einstein equations
  • P. T. Chruściel, J. Corvino, and J. Isenberg -- Construction of $N$-body time-symmetric initial data sets in general relativity
  • J. Isenberg, J. M. Lee, and I. Allen -- Asymptotic gluing of asymptotically hyperbolic vacuum initial data sets
  • L. Kapitanski -- Analytic form of the Pontrjagin-Hopf invariants
  • I. Ly and N. Tarkhanov -- The Dirichlet to Neumann operator for nonlinear elliptic equations
  • M. Monastyrsky -- Kramers-Wannier duality for non-abelian lattice spin systems and Hecke surfaces
  • V. S. Rabinovich and S. Roch -- Exponential estimates of solutions of pseudodifferential equations with operator-valued symbols: Applications to Schrödinger operators with operator-valued potentials
  • M. Reiris -- Scalar curvature, isoperimetric collapse and general relativity in the constant mean curvature gauge
  • M. Reissig -- Rates of decay for structural damped models with coefficients strictly increasing in time
  • E. Saucan -- Curvature based triangulation of metric measure spaces
  • B. Smith -- Black hole initial data with a horizon of prescribed intrinsic and extrinsic geometry
  • J. Smulevici -- On the global geometry of spacetimes with toroidal or hyperbolic symmetry
  • C. Williams -- A black hole with no marginally trapped tube asymptotic to its event horizon
  • M. Zaidenberg -- Discrete convolution operators in positive characteristic: A variation on the Floquet-Bloch theory