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Complex Analysis and Dynamical Systems II

Mark Agranovsky, Lavi Karp, David Shoikhet, editors
American Mathematical Society
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Contemporary Mathematics 382
We do not plan to review this book.

  • M. Agranovsky and D. Shoikhet -- Lawrence Zalcman at sixty
  • M. Agranovsky and D. Shoikhet -- Bibliography of Lawrence Zalcman
  • M. L. Agranovsky and E. K. Narayanan -- A local two radii theorem for the twisted spherical means on $\mathbb{C}^n$
  • V. Azarin -- A multiplicator problem and characteristics of growth of entire functions
  • J. Bellissard, J. Geronimo, A. Volberg, and P. Yuditskii -- Are they limit periodic?
  • W. Bergweiler -- Quasinormal families and periodic points
  • M. Blinov, M. Briskin, and Y. Yomdin -- Local center conditions for the Abel equation and cyclicity of its zero solution
  • D. Bshouty and A. Lyzzaik -- Univalent functions starlike with respect to a boundary point
  • O. Calin, D.-C. Chang, P. Greiner, and Y. Kannai -- On the geometry induced by a Grusin operator
  • M. Elin and V. Khatskevich -- The Koenigs embedding problem for operator affine mappings
  • H. M. Farkas -- On an arithmetical function II
  • P. C. Fenton -- A glance at Wiman-Valiron theory
  • L. Flatto -- Billiards in an ellipse
  • F. W. Gehring and G. J. Martin -- $(p,q,r)$-Kleinian groups and the Margulis constant
  • J. Globevnik -- Holomorphic extendibility and the argument principle
  • A. Golberg -- Homeomorphisms with finite mean dilations
  • A. Gol'dberg -- On a connection between the number of poles of a meromorphic function and the number of zeros of its derivatives
  • I. Graham, G. Kohr, and J. A. Pfaltzgraff -- The general solution of the Loewner differential equation on the unit ball in $\mathbb{C}^n$
  • W. K. Hayman -- On the zeros of a $q$-Bessel function
  • A. Hinkkanen -- Entire functions with no unbounded Fatou components
  • D. Khavinson -- A note on a theorem of J. Globevnik
  • F. C. Klebaner -- Behaviour of a dynamical system far from its equilibrium
  • J. Korevaar -- A Tauberian theorem for Laplace transforms with pseudofunction boundary behavior
  • S. L. Krushkal -- The Schwarzian derivative and complex Finsler metrics
  • A. M. Kytmanov and S. G. Myslivets -- On evaluation of the Cauchy principal value of the singular Cauchy-Szegö integral in a ball of $\mathbb{C}^n$
  • A. Lecko -- Boundary properties of convex functions
  • O. Makhmudov and I. E. Niyozov -- Regularization of a solution to the Cauchy problem for the system of thermoelasticity
  • I. Markina -- Modules of vector measures on the Heisenberg group
  • E. Ournycheva and B. Rubin -- An analogue of the Fuglede formula in integral geometry on matrix spaces
  • V. P. Palamodov -- Characteristic problems for the spherical mean transform
  • V. S. Rabinovich -- On the essential spectrum of electromagnetic Schrödinger operators
  • E. Reich -- A critical example for the necessary and sufficient condition for unique quasiconformal extremality
  • S. Reich and A. J. Zaslavski -- Generic convergence of iterates for a class of nonlinear mappings in hyperbolic spaces
  • V. Ryazanov, U. Srebro, and E. Yakubov -- The Beltrami equation and FMO functions
  • B.-W. Schulze and N. Tarkhanov -- Pseudodifferential operators with operator-valued symbols
  • J. Siciak -- Pluripolar sets and pseudocontinuation
  • H. Silverman and E. M. Silvia -- Convolution inverses
  • S. K. Vodopyanov -- Composition operators on Sobolev spaces
  • V. V. Volchkov and Vit. V. Volchkov -- New results in integral geometry