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Algebraic and Topological Dynamics

Sergiy Kolyada, Yuri Manin, and Thomas Ward, editors
American Mathematical Society
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Contemporary Mathematics 385
We do not plan to review this book.

  • M. Misiurewicz -- Ergodic natural measures
  • T. Downarowicz -- Survey of odometers and Toeplitz flows
  • S. Bezuglyi, J. Kwiatkowski, and K. Medynets -- Approximation in ergodic theory, Borel, and Cantor dynamics
  • A. H. Dooley -- The critical dimension: An approach to non-singular entropy
  • J. Aaronson and M. Lemanczyk -- Exactness of Rokhlin endomorphisms and weak mixing of Poisson boundaries
  • M. Barge and J. Kwapisz -- Elements of the theory of unimodular Pisot substitutions with an application to $\beta$-shifts
  • W. Huang, S. Shao, and X. Ye -- Mixing via sequence entropy
  • V. Baladi -- Anisotropic Sobolev spaces and dynamical transfer operators: $C^\infty$ foliations
  • D. Mayer and T. Mühlenbruch -- From the transfer operator for geodesic flows on modular surfaces to the Hecke operators on period functions of $\Gamma_0(n)$
  • S. Koch and M. Denker -- Hausdorff dimension for Martin metrics
  • M. C. Sullivan -- Twistwise flow equivalence and beyond
  • A. Fel'shtyn -- Dynamical zeta functions and symplectic Floer homology
  • Y. Vorobets -- Periodic geodesics on generic translation surfaces
  • S. Albeverio and A. Kosyak -- Group action, quasi-invariant measures and quasiregular representations of the infinite-dimensional nilpotent group
  • D. Kleinbock and B. Weiss -- Friendly measures, homogeneous flows and singular vectors
  • G. Everest, V. Stangoe, and T. Ward -- Orbit counting with an isometric direction
  • M. Schmoll -- Spaces of elliptic differentials
  • K. Thomsen -- On the structure of beta shifts
  • V. Berthé, S. Ferenczi, and L. Q. Zamboni -- Interactions between dynamics, arithmetics and combinatorics: The good, the bad, and the ugly