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Algebra and Its Applications

Dinn V. Huynh, S. K. Jain, and S. R. López-Permouth, editors
American Mathematical Society
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Contemporary Mathematics 419
We do not plan to review this book.

  • A. N. Alahmadi, H. S. Al-Hazmi, and P. A. Guil Asensio -- On countably $\Sigma$-CS modules
  • E. Babson, B. Huisgen-Zimmermann, and R. Thomas -- Moduli spaces of graded representations of finite dimensional algebras
  • G. F. Birkenmeier, J. K. Park, and S. T. Rizvi -- An essential extension with nonisomorphic ring structures
  • V. Camillo and S. Lima -- Supplemented principal ideals
  • V. Camillo and J. J. Simón -- Some properties of rings reflected in infinite matrix rings
  • R. M. Dimitric -- Slender monoids
  • J. Ding and D. Schmidt -- Multivariable public key crytosystems
  • H. Q. Dinh -- Repeated-root constacyclic codes of length $2^s$ over $\mathbb{Z}_{2^a}$
  • N. V. Dung -- Contravariant finiteness and pure semisimple rings
  • A. Facchini -- A characterization of additive categories with the Krull-Schmidt property
  • K. R. Goodearl -- A Dixmier-Moeglin equivalence for Poisson algebras with torus actions
  • P. A. Guil Asensio and I. Herzog -- Pure-injectivity in the category of flat modules
  • C. R. Johnson, A. L. Duarte, C. M. Saiago, and D. Sher -- Eigenvalues, multiplicities and graphs
  • C. R. Johnson and R. L. Smith -- Closure of matrix classes under Schur complementation, including singularities
  • T. Y. Lam and R. G. Swan -- Sums of alternating matrices and invertible matrices
  • S. H. Mohamed -- Internal exchange rings
  • D. Mundici -- Representations of $\sigma$-complete MV-algebras and their associated Dedekind $\sigma$-complete $\ell$-groups
  • B. L. Osofsky -- Noncommutative linear algebra
  • C. Otto and M. Penkava -- The moduli space of three-dimensional Lie algebras
  • E. R. Puczylowski -- Questions related to Koethe's nil ideal problem
  • R. Smarandache and M. Wauer -- Bounds on the pseudo-weight of minimal pseudo-codewords of projective geometry codes
  • G. Szeto and L. Xue -- On Galois extensions with automorphism group as Galois group
  • M. Tocón -- A *-Litoff theorem for associative pairs
  • J. Ding, D. Mundici, D. S. Passman, J. B. Srivastava, and L. Vas -- Open problems