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Advances in Discrete Dynamical Systems

S. Elaydi, K. Nishimura, M. Shishikura, and N. Tose, editors
Mathematical Society of Japan
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Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics 53
We do not plan to review this book.
  • J. Ferreira Alves -- On periodic points of 2-periodic dynamical systems
  • J. A. D. Appleby and C. Swords -- Asymptotic behaviour of a nonlinear stochastic difference equation modelling an inefficient financial market
  • J. Diblík and I. Hlavičková -- Asymptotic properties of solutions of the discrete analogue of the Emden-Fowler equation
  • M. Cecchi, Z. Došlá, and M. Marino -- Intermediate solutions for nonlinear difference equations with $p$-Laplacian
  • O. Došlý -- Oscillation theory of symplectic difference systems
  • T. Furumochi and M. Muraoka -- Periodic solutions of periodic difference equations
  • Y. Hamaya -- On the existence of almost periodic solutions to a nonlinear Volterra difference equation
  • K. Hori -- Indeterminacy in a monetary economy with heterogeneous agents
  • S. Iwamoto and M. Yasuda -- Golden optimal path in discrete-time dynamic optimization processes
  • S. R. Jang -- Cannibalism in a discrete predator-prey model with an age structure in the prey
  • T. Kohda -- 3-dimensional i.i.d. binary random vectors governed by Jacobian elliptic space curve dynamics
  • A. Kondo -- Inefficacy of temporary policy in Neumeyer-Yano's monetary model
  • C. Correia Ramos, N. Martins, J. Sousa Ramos, and R. Severino -- Discrete potential theory for iterated maps of the interval
  • M. Inoue and H. Matsunaga -- Global behavior of a two-dimensional monotone difference system
  • F. Kawahigashi and H. Matsunaga -- Asymptotic stability conditions for a delay difference system
  • M. Matsuo and T. Sakagami -- Characterization of equilibrium paths in the two-sector model with sector specific externality
  • D. Mendes, V. M. Mendes, J. Sousa Ramos, and O. Gomes -- Computing topological entropy in asymmetric Cournot duopoly games with homogeneous expectations
  • A. Mizushima -- Equilibrium dynamics in an overlapping generations economy with endogenous labor supply
  • S. Murakami -- Stabilities with respect to a weight function in Volterra difference equations
  • P. Niamsup -- A note on asymptotic stability condition for delay difference equations
  • N. Nishimura, H. Takahashi, and A. Venditti -- Global externalities, endogenous growth and sunspot fluctuations
  • L. Erbe and A. Peterson -- Some oscillation results for second order linear delay dynamic equations
  • N. Pop -- Analysis of an evolutionary variational inequality arising in elasticity quasi-static contact problems
  • C. Pötzsche -- Dissipative delay endomorphisms and asymptotic equivalence
  • P. Řehák -- A Willett type criterion with the best possible constant for linear dynamic equations
  • J. A. D. Appleby, M. Riedle, and A. Rodkina -- On asymptotic stability of linear stochastic Volterra difference equations with respect to a fading perturbation
  • W. Hernandez-Padilla and L.-I. Roeger -- Local stability of a discrete competition model derived from a nonstandard numerical method
  • S. Saito -- Eventual stability criterion for periodic points of Michio Morishima's example
  • T. Sauer -- Detection of periodic driving in nonautonomous difference equations
  • H. Sedaghat -- Periodic and chaotic behavior in a class of second order difference equations
  • J. F. Selgrade and J. H. Roberds -- Uniqueness of polymorphism for a discrete, selection-migration model with genetic dominance
  • W. Sizer -- Periodicity in the May's host parasitoid equation
  • P. Stehlík -- On variational methods for second order discrete periodic problems
  • Y. Takahashi -- Time evolution with and without remote past
  • Y. Aoki and Y. Tomoda -- The Friedman rule under habit formation
  • A. Vanderbauwhede -- Subharmonic bifurcation from relative equilibria in reversible systems with rotation symmetry
  • C. L. Wesley, L. J. S. Allen, C. B. Jonsson, Y.-K. Chu, and R. D. Owen -- A discrete-time rodent-hantavirus model structured by infection and developmental stages