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Math Horizons Contents—April 2013

Highlights from the Math Horizons April issue include a mathematical exposé of recent psychology research, a homemade recipe for solving Rubik's cube, a mind-bending foray into high-dimensional space, and a nod to Paul Erdős on the occasion of his 100th birthday. —Stephen Abbott and Bruce Torrence

Volume 20, Issue 4

Mathematics Magazine Contents—April 2013

Shuffle five pairs of socks, and randomly give two socks each to five of your friends. What is the probability that nobody gets a matching pair? That's the familiar problem of derangements with a new twist, and it's just one of the mysteries that are resolved in our April issue.

College Mathematics Journal Contents—May 2013

The May issue of The College Mathematics Journal begins provocatively with the article "Quiz Today: Should I Skip Class?" by Peter Zizler, exploring the impact on course grades of selective assessment (e.g., counting only the best 3/5 quizzes). Weird fractions return in "How Weird Are Weird Fractions?" by Ryan Stuffelbeam.


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