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What's Your Number? The Key To New Resources in MathDL

By Lang Moore

You know that number that appears in the upper left corner of the mailing address for FOCUS? The one that you need to pay your dues online or order from the MAA Bookstore. (It has the form 000XXXXX, where each X can be any digit.) Now it is more useful than ever. It will give you access to the two new components of the MAA's Mathematical Sciences Digital Library (MathDL): MAA Reviews and Classroom Capsules and Notes. These components are available to MAA members as a privilege of membership. Below is a copy of the sign-in page for these two components.



  Both of these new components also are available to non-members by subscription for $25/yr. MAA Reviews, edited by Fernando Gouvêa, is the MAA's new bibliographic and reviews database, and it incorporates the MAA's Basic Library List as well. Created with the intention of replacing the old "Telegraphic Reviews" with an online service, MAA Reviews in fact goes far beyond anything the old TRs could offer. It includes a database of almost all recently-released mathematics books, a large percentage of those with reviews. Those books that have been recommended for purchase by undergraduate libraries by the MAA's Basic Library List committee are marked. The database is searchable, and the "advanced search" engine allows one to quickly find the books one wants.

Classroom Capsules and Notes, edited by Wayne Roberts, provides online access to the short classroom materials that have appeared in the Association's print journals over the years. All of us see from time to time a short article suggesting something we think we could use in the classroom: a little proof that gives unusual insight; a quick application, or connection to another area of mathematics, a question that could be used to challenge the good student. The trick is to find those items when we could actually use them. Or perhaps we have come to a point in a course where we don't recall having seen something new, but we sure wish we had. Materials in Classroom Capsules and Notes, are classified by courses, by subject, by keywords, by author, and by source, and are intended to help you quickly find that perfect enhancement to your classroom presentation.

These two new components join the four existing components of MathDL: The Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications (JOMA), Digital Classroom Resources (DCR), Convergence, and OSSLETS. Currently, all four of these components are freely available. However, Convergence does require registration.

News Date: 
Tuesday, February 7, 2006