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The National Curve Bank Makes Its Debut

The National Curve Bank Makes Its Debut

National Curve Bank PIs and co-workers (back row left to right): Dr, Stewart Venit, J.R. Lara, Jennifer Cha, Gayle Burns, Hong Kha, Alexander Tascon. Front row left to right: Louis Santillan, Dr. Shirley Gray.

The debut of the National Curve Bank, a mathematics web site at featuring participation, animation and interaction, was announced on the 4th of July. Earlier, MAA members from research institutions, liberal arts colleges, state universities, community colleges, and three high schools accepted invitations to join the National Curve Bank Advisory Board. This advisory group also includes individuals who design web sites, manage large corporate sites, or teach computer graphics. The NAB is more than window dressing for grant seeking: over the past year its members have beta tested various trial releases; and, from deciding on Mozart for the opening music to discussions of the appearance in a wide variety of browsers, working with these talented people has been both invaluable and fun.

The mission statement on the Curve Bank home page defines the focus:

The National Curve Bank is a resource for students of mathematics. We strive to provide features - for example, animation and interaction - that a printed page cannot provide. We also include geometrical, algebraic, and historical aspects of curves, the kinds of attributes that make the mathematics special and enrich classroom learning.

We welcome participation. We encourage you to submit your best web animation as a "deposit" in the National Curve Bank. Also, we welcome information about other outstanding sites that deal with the same subject. We will provide links to your home site and thus give your work a wide audience. Please see "Submit Your Curve" on the Home Page for details.

This project is supported by a National Science Foundation DUE-CCLI Educational Materials Development grant, the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation, and two California State University Innovative Instruction Awards. The PI is Dr. Shirley Gray,, and the co-PI is Dr. Stewart Venit,, of the Department of Mathematics, California State University, Los Angeles, CA 90032. Please contact either one for a poster or pamphlet.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2002