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Quantitative Careers: Get Your Piece of the Math Jobs Pie

Tomorrow’s jobs in a knowledge-based economy require quantitative and analytical skills to succeed. The analytical thinking, reasoning skills, and quantitative literacy developed by students in math classes are the same abilities that employers prize in a knowledge-based economy.

The Mathematical Association of America is proud to support mathematicians, students, and enthusiasts who are interested in the many careers that use math. Find career statistics and opportunities by visiting our quantitative career resource center.

The future for quantitative careers is bright. There are approximately 2.5 entry level job postings for each new bachelor's degree recipient in a STEM field that uses math. Compare that to only 1.1 job postings for each new four-year graduate in a non-STEM field.

Whether you are looking for your first job, or you are a seasoned professional seeking a new role, use our resources to jumpstart your job search for positions that utilize your analytical skills. The quantitative career resource center being developed by the MAA can help you find your dream job!

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More resources for quantitative careers:

News Date: 
Tuesday, March 14, 2017