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New MAA Book: Euler at 300: An Appreciation

New MAA Book: Euler at 300: An Appreciation

Euler at 300: An Appreciation
Robert E. Bradley, Lawrence A. D'Antonio, and C. Edward Sandifer, Editors
325 pp., hardbound, 2007
ISBN: 978-0-88385-565-2

A single conference celebrating the tercentenary of one of the most productive mathematicians of all time was not nearly enough. During the years leading up to Leonhard Euler's 300th birthday, dozens of meetings highlighted Euler's life and impressive achievements. Euler at 300: An Appreciation presents a wide-ranging collection of the finest papers presented at these gatherings.

The book chronicles the life and mathematics of the man whose published works fill more than 70 hefty volumes. Euler's work in the fields of real analysis and mathematical physics is unparalleled, and he is credited with the creation of analytic number theory. Topics covered in the book include analysis, geometry, algebra, probability, astronomy, and mechanics.

Euler at 300: An Appreciation contains papers from a variety of authors, including the three editors of the book, Ed Sandifer, Lawrence D'Antonio, and Robert Bradley, as well as pieces by Stacy Langton, Rüdiger Thiele, Mark McKinzie, and other noted scholars.

Euler at 300: An Appreciation is an illuminating book for those who have a deep passion for Euler and for the history of mathematics. It can also serve as a vehicle for introducing people to the richness of either subject. The book is the fifth in a series of five books published by the MAA to celebrate Euler's 300th birthday.—R Miller

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007