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NCTM releases draft of revised "standards"

The "Standards 2000" project of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has released a draft of the revised NCTM Standards for the teaching of mathematics. Entitled "Principles and Standards for School Mathematics", the document is a revision of the "Standards" proposed by NCTM in 1989, which have served as an overall guideline for much recent work attempting to reform the secondary school mathematics curriculum. The draft can be downloaded from the Standards 2000 web site; hard copy can also be ordered directly from NCTM. The web site also requests feedback on the draft standards, and gives instruction on how to supply such feedback to the NCTM.

The MAA has made its voice felt through an extensive report prepared by the President's Task Force on the NCTM Standards, chaired by Ken Ross. The Task Force acts as the "Association Response Group," providing official feedback to the NCTM on the proposed "Principles and Standards."

News Date: 
Friday, August 21, 1998