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National Medals of Science Awarded

National Medals of Science Awarded

Eight distinguished scientists, including one MAA member, received the 2002 National Medal of Science at a ceremony held at the White House on November 6. President Bush announced the honorees on October 22 and awarded the medals personally. Among the 8 winners is MAA member James G. Glimm, chair of the Applied Mathematics Department at SUNY Stony Brook. Professor Glimm is recognized for his work in quantum field theory and statistical mechanics, which has influenced mathematical physics and probability. His significant contributions to shock-wave theory were specifically mentioned as a reason for the award. Glimm is also a member of the AMS and SIAM.

James Glimm

Also among the honorees is Edward Witten of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, NJ. Witten, a theoretical physicist, was one of the creators of string theory. His deep insight into physics and the mathematics used to describe physical situations has led to significant developments in mathematics itself. Witten is a member of the American Mathematical Society.

The other recipients of the National Medals of Science were James E. Darnell, Jr. of Rockefeller University (Biology), Evelyn M. Witkin of Rutgers University (Biology), John I. Brauman of Stanford University (Chemistry), Leo L. Beranek of BBN Technologies (Engineering), Richard L. Garwin of Council on Foreign Relations (Physical Sciences, Policy), and W. Jason Morgan of Princeton University (Geohysics).

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Friday, November 21, 2003