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MAA Selected for 'Best Writing on Mathematics'

We are happy to announce that eight articles and essays from MAA publications have been selected in The Best Writing on Mathematics 2016, a Princeton University Press collection.

This year editor Mircea Pitici included published pieces from MAA publications Math Horizons, The College Mathematics Journal, and I, Mathematician. Congratulations to all the authors who have been recognized for this prestigious selection.

MAA articles selected:

"Mathematics and Teaching" by Hyman Bass. Originally published in I, Mathematician, edited by Peter Casazza, Steven G. Krantz, and Randi D. Ruden. Washington, DC: Mathematical Association of America, 2015, pp. 129-139.

"The Way the Billiard Ball Bounces" by Joshua Bowman. Originally published in Math Horizons 22.3(2015): 18-22.

"The Intersection Game" by Burkard Polster. Originally published in Math Horizons 22.4(2005) 8-11.

"Tonight! Epic Math Battles: Counting vs. Matching" by Jennifer J. Quinn. Originally published in Math Horizons 22.3(2005): 5-9.

"The Pioneering Role of the Sierpinsky Gasket" by Tanya Khovanova, Eric Nie, and Alok Puranik. Originally published in Math Horizons 23.1(2015): 5-9.

"Fractals as Photographs" by Marc Frantz. Originally published in Math Math Horizons 23.1(2015): 18-21.

"Circular Reasoning: who First Proved that C Divided by d Is a Constant?" by David Richeson. Originally published in The College Mathematics Journal 46.3(2015): 162-171.

"The Spirograph and Mathematical Models from Nineteenth Century Germany" by Amy Shell-Gellasch. Originally published in Math Horizons 22.4(2015): 22-25.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017