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MAA Announces $150,000 to Increase Diversity in Math

Washington, DC--The Mathematical Association of America, on behalf of the Tensor Foundation, awarded $159,700 in funding to 30 institutions supporting women and underrepresented groups in mathematics in 2017.

“Supporting diversity in mathematics is at the core of our principles, and we are very grateful to the Tensor Foundation for helping the MAA execute its goal to make mathematics available to all who choose to pursue it.” said Michael Pearson, executive director of the Mathematical Association of America. Quantitative skills are key to success in many careers because mathematics drives society and shapes our lives. All of our fellow citizens need access to gain these skills.”

On behalf of the Tensor Foundation, the Mathematical Association of America funds projects that increase diversity in mathematics across all levels of education. The objective is to encourage college and university mathematics faculty to develop projects that increase participation of women and historically underrepresented groups in the field of mathematics.

The funding is spread across two MAA grant programs. MAA Tensor Women and Mathematics grants funded 13 projects aimed at increasing women’s involvement, totaling $71,700. The MAA Tensor-SUMMA grants for students in underrepresented groups funded 17 projects that total $88,000.

These projects, which range from math camps to mentored research, provide enrichment activities that increase interest in mathematics, foster a deeper appreciation, and encourage students to explore careers in a mathematical field.

The full list of awarded projects for Tensor-SUMMA can be found here, and the projects for Tensor Women and Mathematics can be found here.


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News Date: 
Monday, September 18, 2017