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MAA 101 Refresh

Digital Improvements on the Horizon for MAA 

From life-saving breakthroughs in medicine to big data-driven decision-making, global climate change to comprehensive national infrastructure systems, mathematical models and quantitative approaches to critical problems are changing the way we live. As the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) moves into our second century, we are committed to providing the best resources for our members and the greater mathematical community, to remain dynamic today and build tomorrow’s mathematical potential.

Our future demands that we support and elevate mathematics professionals everywhere. By broadening the understanding of the role of mathematics in the world, the MAA fosters discovery and innovation that contribute to a better future for society.

Change requires a fresh perspective, and the MAA 101 Refresh is just that. It is the first step toward creating the MAA’s high-profile role in a future filled with more innovations.

The MAA 101 Refresh will bring a number of improvements that elevate the visibility of the MAA and its members and community. For starters, we will introduce a fresh look and improved navigation to our website and launch forward-thinking MAA blogs and a digital career resource center that transmit the beauty and importance of mathematics to the MAA audience and world. Update: Preview the soft launch of the quantitative career resource center to help your students find a job that uses math.

On social media, in the news media, and in emails, the MAA will convey the excitement and wonder of math and explain to the world how the advancements made possible by mathematics affect everyday life and benefit our society. MAA content will promote a wider view of the role of mathematics within education, industry, STEM careers, and much more. The focus on elevating mathematics will include highlighting the valuable work of our members and experts from academia, business, industry, and government who conduct research on teaching and learning, expand understanding of the role of mathematics across diverse industries, and develop recommendations for curricula and educational programs.

The MAA is proud to be the world’s largest community of mathematicians, students, and enthusiasts. We invite you to be a part of our work, as mathematics continues to drive society and plays an increasingly central role in diverse careers and decisions that affect our daily lives.

Follow the MAA on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn for updates on the MAA 101 Refresh. Be sure to check in to find the latest changes and online tools as they become available.

As a member of our audience, your feedback about any aspect of the MAA 101 Refresh is welcome. Use this form to share your thoughts!

Whether you have been part of this community for 50 years or five months, we hope you will join and support the MAA as we uphold the promise of our second century of mathematics: that math is everywhere, is for everyone, and affects all facets of daily life.

News Date: 
Monday, December 5, 2016