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Imaginary Planets – An Icosahedral Globe

How did artist, mathematician, and MAA member Frank Farris create the arrestingly intricate Imaginary Planets depicted on the MAA's latest Second Century Campaign brochure?

The story of Imaginary Planets began at the 2007 Joint Mathematics Meetings in New Orleans, where Frank met glass artist Hans Schepker. Drawing on his mathematical research, Frank designed and commissioned a stained glass window from Hans. The result of their collaboration, a delightful color wheel that involves complex functions, color as a visualization tool, and five-fold symmetry, served as the basis for Frank's series of computed images, Imaginary Planets. The mathematics behind the design of the stained glass window is covered in Frank's feature of the November 2008 edition of MAA FOCUS.

As Frank and Hans discovered, MAA meetings like JMM and MAA MathFest offer opportunities to learn, discover, and connect with friends and colleagues from around the world. We hope to see you at the MAA Centennial MathFest in Washington, D.C., and please consider making a contribution in support of the MAA Second Century Campaign by giving to the Greater MAA Fund.

News Date: 
Wednesday, April 15, 2015