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COMAP Announces

By Fernando Q. Gouvêa


The Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP) has announced a new website,, which offers Mathematical Modeling resources for teachers and students. The site gives students a chance to work on modeling problems posted by faculty and others who use mathematics in their professions. Students can submit papers with solutions or partial solutions and receive commentary on their work from either a faculty mentor or the poser of the problem. Some student papers will be selected to appear on the site.

COMAP hopes that the site will help students to prepare to participate in its mathematical modeling contests, and that it will also help faculty members interested in finding good modeling problems to use in class. Practitioners tell COMAP that they will use the site “to raise their organizational and industry profile among bright high school and college students around the world, while gaining a fresh prospective on their industry's quantitative problems. Many industry professionals find that volunteer mentoring on is a great way to give back to the academic world.” For more information, visit the site at COMAP's home site is at

News Date: 
Tuesday, May 29, 2007