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Engage in Wishful Thinking

As I tell my students: If there is something in life you want, make it happen! (And be then willing to handle the consequences of your actions with care and grace!) If there is an equation you wish to solve but wish there were a "+4" on the left ... make it happen! Add a 4 to the left, with the consequence of adding a 4 to the right as well. A beautiful problem-solving technique is to simply change the problem to what you wish it could be! Read the strategy essay and then explore the Curriculum Burst practice examples from the MAA AMC.

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"Engage in Wishful Thinking" Strategy Essay #3 (pdf)

Curriculum Bursts

The Biggest Circle (pdf) Watch the Video
Quadratic Values (pdf) Watch the Video
Elite Players and Logarithms (pdf) Watch the Video
Eliminating Roots (pdf) Watch the Video
Three-Digit Reversal (pdf) Watch the Video
One Versus Two Coin Tosses (pdf) Watch the Video
A Triangle Area (pdf) Watch the Video