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Rochelle Nicole Johnson

Rochelle Johnson

Rochelle Nicole Johnson

B.S. Mathematics,
Minor - Business Administration, Texas Southern University

Industrial Property Management Specialist
Department of Defense, Defense Contract Management Agency

While an undergraduate at Texas Southern University I was a part of the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation Scholarship Program (LSAMP). This program focused on minorities majoring in any of the major sciences such as mathematics, computer science, physics, and chemistry.

Having had great exposure to each one of these areas in high school as well as college, I decided to link my passion for mathematics with something a little different - Business Administration. I felt like anyone can have all the thinking abilities in the world, but as we are all human, we need a sense of self and going into industry this factor is very important. With my mathematics background, I have established a foundation of logical thinking, problem solving, and decision-making.

The combination of mathematics and business has created a framework of not only the items listed above, but also I am able to apply analytical and problem solving skills in resolving business management problems and issues, articulate the domestic and global dimensions of influences on business and management, employ effective communication skills, orally and in writing, consistent with the business and professional environment, and also I have developed innovative leadership and team-management skills necessary for success in a diverse and changing workplace.

Since graduation in May 2004, I currently hold a position in the Department of Defense as an Industrial Property Management Specialist. I have a very big responsibility dealing with issues in government property. I perform audits, award surveys, contract negotiations, approve government transactions, investigate reports of loss, damage, and destruction of property, create risk analysis of property, and much more.

I enjoy what I do because I have gained the background as well as a foundation for strategic thinking in any aspect and I am also able to work with so many different people and personalities. My mathematical background is great for the industry that I am in and has prepared me to accept any challenge.