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Patti Martucci

Patti Martucci
Patti Martucci

BS Mathematics, 2004
St. Michael's College

MS Science of Management
Bridgewater State College

Accounting Supervisor
HarborOne Credit Union

I have always had a "knack" for numbers-when I was younger my parents bought me a game called 'Smath, which was essentially Scrabble with numerical equations instead of words. Friends will tease about how easily I remember phone numbers and birth dates and recognize license plates, but it all comes from my love for numbers.

So, when I started my undergraduate degree and I was unsure of what I wanted to major in, I was reluctant to stop taking math classes. After two semesters I recognized that majoring in Math was the right decision for me. Around that same time I took an Intro to Business course and really liked the accounting portion of the class. That summer I was fortunate to get a seasonal job in the accounting department of a local bank. Since I was only working for the summer, I covered for almost everyone in the department-which let me understand how the department functioned and I saw a great way for me to combine what I like doing and a career.

I decided to minor in Accounting, which has been a great compliment with the technical and analytical skills I learned in my advanced math classes. I'm now working as the Accounting Supervisor at HarborOne Credit Union and use those analytical skills almost daily. I've found myself using them quite frequently in a problem-solving approach to finding discrepancies or recognizing trends in expenses.

I have decided to continue my education and I am currently pursuing a Masters in Science of Management focused in Accounting. My math skills have given me a solid base to build from and this degree will better equip me to handle day to day decisions and have a more thorough business education. It will also help build managerial skills as I grow in my position.