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MAA Sections

Section Activities

While each section is unique, there are some unifying events. Every section holds at least one professional meeting every year for their general membership, usually in the spring. View a list of dates for MAA Section Meetings here.

Section Speaker Program

The MAA provides three Section Lecturer programs on a three-year rotation: the George Pólya Lecturer program and the MAA NAM and MAA AWM Section Lecturer programs. Each Section is eligible to invite a speaker from one of the programs each year.

Professional Development Within Your Section

In addition to the great networking benefits you get as a result of participating in your section, many MAA sections run professional development programs similar to MAA Project NExT, but on a local scale. 

MAA Section NExT seeks to support new faculty within the section in their teaching, in their scholarship, and in their professional activities.

Most sections include info about their MAA Section NExT program on their website, but sometimes you'll need to contact your section to find out who runs the MAA Section NExT program. In a few cases, a section doesn't currently have a Section NExT program... so start one! Contact your section's leadership to make a proposal.

Editor Lectures Program

Invited addresses by the MAA journal and magazine editors have been a popular feature of many section meetings over the years. The Editor Lectures Program has been developed to maintain and enhance the connection between the journal editors and the section membership.

Policies & Procedures

In an effort to help all section leaders comply with the relevant laws and regulations, effectively manage section business, and efficiently communicate with their members, the MAA, and the larger mathematical community, the MAA established and created a number of policies, procedures, and forms.