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Why Join the MAA?

For professionals, academics, and students in the mathematics field, MAA fosters collaboration and creates opportunities to access and share a variety of resources, such as peer-reviewed journals and other publications, creating exposure to and engagement with the latest research, trends, and educational practices. 

With benefits ranging from discounts on national brands, and access to publications, to events, workshops, competitions, tools, and programs tailored to enhance skills and expertise in mathematics education and practice, your membership gives you the tools, information, and services you need to succeed.

Publications & Journals

  • Subscriptions to magazines, including Math Horizons
  • Four peer-reviewed journals, including The American Mathematical Monthly and Mathematics Magazine
  • Blogs and other resources, such as Math Values
  • Enjoy unlimited access to our website, with content from subject matter experts and leaders in the field. 
  • Stay up-to-date with regular email newsletters.
  • Full access to the MAA e-Library and video library
  • Books Discounts on MAA Press and AMS Books.

Community & Networking

  • MAA Connect, with communities dedicated to early-career mathematicians, educators at the undergraduate level, communities for regional areas, specific areas of mathematical interest, and more.
  • Membership in one of 29 MAA Regional Sections, including other members in your geographic area.
  • Access to MAA Special Interest Groups (SIGMAAs)
  • Early access to MAA MathFest registration at the lowest registration rates.

Professional Development & Resources

  • Webinars and workshops throughout the year
  • Access to mathematical competitions at the national and international level for your students
  • Access to PRIMUS (Problems, Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies)
  • Access to MAA Reviews, a list of critical mathematics resources for college, community college, and university libraries
  • Use of MAA Classroom Capsules and Notes, where material is organized into courses by topic.

Personal Savings & Exclusive Access

  • Save on national brands, including hotels, rental cars, insurance, and other products and services to help make life’s financial impact more manageable. 
  • Reduced registration fees on MAA MathFest and Joint Mathematics Meetings. 
  • Access to exclusive online resources, such as publications and teaching resources
  • Access to apply for grants and scholarships
  • Reduced competition fees
  • Exclusive access to MAA networking and community-building opportunities.
  • Subscription and publication discounts.