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Membership Categories

The MAA supports you through your professional and academic career with outstanding benefits and trusted content. As an MAA Member, you’ll become part of a community of over 20,000 individuals with access to resources, professional development, funding opportunities, and programs that empower you at any stage of your mathematical journey, and help shape the future of the mathematical sciences.

Our community includes math educators, students, and industry professionals. Take a look through our Memberships to find the one that’s right for you:

MAA Member

MAA Members benefit from a wealth of world-class resources, numerous opportunities to network and grow professionally, highly regarded outlets for their research findings and expository articles, and a close-knit community of creative and caring mathematicians actively working together to improve and advance mathematical scholarship at the collegiate level.

Dues: $175/year or $15/month

MAA Plus Print

Members in this category receive all of the benefits that MAA Members receive, plus print and electronic subscriptions to all MAA journals, and membership in up to 3 SIGMAAs. 

Dues: $299/year or $26/month


Student Members now receive online subscriptions to ALL MAA Journals, in addition to member discounts and much more. MAA Membership is your portal to the community of mathematicians and mathematical educators all focused on advancing mathematics at the collegiate level, and on providing you with opportunities to build your network of professionals and peers.

Dues: $35/year


This membership is for Student Members of the MAA who are graduating and transitioning into their professional careers. We now offer a Transitional Member dues rate of only $59 for each of your first two years of full MAA membership. Membership benefits are the same as those enjoyed by MAA Members.

Dues: $59/year for 2 years after graduation.

K-12 Educator

Teachers play a pivotal role in inspiring and fostering young mathematicians. And the MAA has a new membership category for K-12 Math Teachers! The member benefits are resources that focus on delivering rich mathematical content–tied to Common Core State Standards–to enrich your curriculum and enliven your classroom experience.

Dues: Register for the AMC8 or AMC10/12 Contest(s), and you’re automatically enrolled as a K-12 Teacher Member of the MAA.


Give your math department a boost with an MAA Department Membership. Each Department membership includes full benefits for 450 students and 1 faculty member, providing unlimited access to the resources needed to effectively teach and learn math.

VITAL Membership: Visitors, Instructors, TAs, Adjuncts, and Lecturers within Departmental Member institutions can take part in the VITAL Membership. VITAL position names vary by institution, and these members may include part-time instructors, non-tenure track instructors, and employees in other ancillary instructional positions. Each of your eligible faculty can take advantage of this deeply discounted exclusive membership for just $79 per year.

Dues: Contact the MAA Membership Department to Apply.